Sunday, January 12, 2014

Decide wise.keep!

Whatever you have done before, whoever you are right now, its the time to decide. The decision is yours. It may be difficult to make, but you have to assume everything when you chose.
I would post some of my very personal notes, I took along the path, with all the trials, mix-up feelings, great moments, thoughts. It helped me to write down then, as it does now.

 24.02.2012 : " experiencing God's love . I can feel it in people, everywhere in nature.
Always to do so in the benefit of others, to wait nothing in exchange.
I learn how to wait.
I learn how to trust.
I will be strong one day.

12.03.2012: " as for me and my house we will serve the Lord"
04.04.2012: " Rules for kids: no ice-cream in april"
23.04.2012:" today I touched a snake and a turtle.
24.06.2012:" For one thing God is an artist who has given us beauty on every side.
Painters, poets, musicians, knowing we can live in a world that is beyond the world our
minds can grasp.It is the world of beauty. Sometimes we need help to see and hear but you and I have
enough appreciation in us to respond to the wonders of God's presence in nature.
We remember autumn woods, mountains at sunrise, sunsets by the sea, forest groves at noontime,
valleys by the moonlight.Every place and every season has its special beauty for us. We cannot
be a part of it without feeling our heart rise up in worship.
We do not create. we discover.

It wasn't easy, but at least I know something. After so many fights, and wars, chasing dust I can clearly see the path.
Hope you will too !

These are some photos I just collected from some of my inspirational sources: pinterest.