About Me ✰

I decided to use this virtual page as my journal .
few things about me:
born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania on Jul. 15 1988. I'm the girl that wakes up every morning looking for the sun, not to take pictures, but to feel the intensity of it warming my whole day. She recently finds out her newest addiction: coffee and milk, with toast and raspberry jam. She loves to wear skinny jeans, and casual shirts. Also she wears cotton and almost only that. This girl would capture your kid's giggles,droll, silliness, and joy and she wont miss the most important moments of your life, if in the right place. The rest about herself, you'll find along while images tell stories and where your heart feels emotions.Value true friendship, honesty between people around me and experience close fellowship with God. I play hide and seek with the kids, I adore volleyball. The most romantic scene: a beautiful sunset, waves and white soft sand.Can't imagine life without God.
A place where I can fill a small amount of myself with discover stories, joy , inspiration and sharing.