Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pinterest findings---live 2014!

Hello dear, whoever you are. Ive been disconected from this blog and from myself also, for a couple of personal , maybe too personal reasons. But hey! who knows maybe you'll figure it out! ( thats not the point here ).

These photos, were just caught in the way to my healing/finding myself process, from about a week ago.
I had so many good and wonderful memories last year , that I would be happy to gather all into one place, as a book or something like that. Life is full of surprises, colors, moments, people, thoughts, feelings, and your own faith.

Let no one tell you how you shall live your life. Its a trap ! Mostly when we are all so influenced by media, and daily trends, and you just dont know who you are anymore.

Collect all of yourself, including old memories, facts, regrets, and just move on healing yourself with your past mistakes, understanding how much you've grown since then, and who knows where you're heading now, just find the truth . Its all that ever interested me and many many other people.

Live up to your expectations, and not anyone's else.
When you will leave this earth, with everything in it, will you be happy for your actions, and things you've done, are you smiling now, because this life its only a gift to make a choice. make the good one! .

I want to leave something behind. Even, writing here, in this blog, that mostly I didnt took it for serious, would be considered something good Ive done.

You alone know what is the right path for you. Its only one.

 So yeah, with this in mind, I would post some photos from pinterest , about a week old, and my mood is already so different , that I would make another post about it.