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Iza & Zoli 

They are a very adorable and fun couple. They like each other , they laugh together and love their time. So, because  Valentine's Day is close I asked Zoli if he would like to be photographed with his girlfriend. Well that was not the main reason. I had this in mind for a long time, and I couldnt wait for the spring to come. So we went at this practically new library, and start shooting. I went there a day before while lookin for a place with books ( love reading...reason one and it gives me a very cosy feeling and it's always quiet ) , and I loved it....the decoration, environment, the green sofa,  the entire design of the place. Thank you Iza and Zoli, you were great and I enjoy the moment watching this pictures.


I've always been inspired by a fresh morning, when you wake up with a huge smile and peace in your heart. Even there are problems, worries in your life, you still find it useless to get into that. Life is a beautiful, priceless gift, and why to waste it. The pictures I took with my friend Bianca, are to bring a very soft feeling that things are in control, someone is watching your life closely. She is the girl that makes everybody smile. She spreads hope around, she knows that every morning is a reminder of a bright, loving, warm, future. Dreamy, lovely...So thank you Bianca. It's been fun.