Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Get ink?

Tattoo for me. a true reason or just a childish act of rebellion?

I wanted it for many reasons. I always saw it as a pretty awesome thing to do. I'm happy we are able to do it
for its artistic purpose. it will make my body complete. its the art from an inside- out reflection. whats inside must be seen outside.
we are not under the old testament law. God never put such rules for us, after His son, Jesus died for all of us.
as long as you keep your body clean, you eat healthy, you love your body, as a temple of God, I think God looks at the heart anyway.
It should be something out of faith . yes I believe that God knew we will invent tattoos, and he made the skin in such a way that we can

safely, ink it's surface, without hurting the skin tissue's . If God was a very restrictive Creator, he would have designed us in such a

way that our bodies would not support ink, or our hair would never grow, our cuts will have been much difficult to heal. Instead, He made us just

perfect. perfect to explore a life with Him. I encourage anyone, to  first look in their heart and see if God is there. He wants a

relationship with us. not fake people, not masks, no regrets, no fanatics, who think they know everything, or if they attend church they

are saved, and they follow the good morals. I prefer to discover things together with God. and God for me is something I cannot describe enough. Its like I would have pieces of my body removed. I need God like the air I breath. That becomes more clearer to me, the more I

sink in the world. He doesn't want us to live sad lifes, lonely moments. Living in denial is not ok for Him. But just think. Use ration,

why to create such a wonderful life, I mean with everything in it, starting with an amazing sunrise, the seasons, animals, incredible

places, islands, with what purpose if not for us...to enjoy. ( that's one side of the story, apart from our destructive ideas, and sick

illusions of scientific projects believing it all created by itself. even so.if there wouldn't have been a remarkable,all powerful force,

to make particles,atoms, and cosmic elements to blend it,it still wouldn't have been possible.  Its just the same with our desires,

wishes, and natural unique personalities, we all have, its part of his gift, to let us all chose, explore, live and find the truth,about

everything, but only with Him. He doesn't want us to separate him, only because we sin. we will always live in sin, some parts of us will

sin anyhow. You cannot change that. He knew that. He understands us more than we ever think.
Imagine you have the most loving, understandable, perfect, great, amazing parents? how would that be? how would you feel ? would you be

close to them, being friends to them ,or you would not care or ignore them? what would these parents act if you just keep on doing not

very wise things, would they love you less ? No !, its the same with God. he wouldn't love you less,and there is nothing you can do to

make him love you less. remember only what was the price paid,before you go on with whatever you like to do. see its purpose, does it

make you better or it makes you fall apart. Meanwhile He is always there for you, its still a personal problem, inside of you. He will

never force you do or not to do anything. That's what I love about God, total freedom.! total grace!