Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It is 01.01.2014

Note composed 27 days ago....----------><>><><><<<><><><><<--->>><<<

free your mind, and free your ration.
no matter what happens , iam real. im here now. i can write words with my soul, and mind, and this body is just a compliment to God's plan.
He wants me to do great things , he wants me to be happy with my choices and with my life.

he wants me to include him and search for this ways.
he wants me to seek the light

when he has called you , you go. when he shows you something more, you choose that.

i am not afraid of the dark , or of anyhting else.

he gives me great joy.

i shall continue writing the book.

it will be like a spoken thought left there , for anyone to read.

its all we can leave behind . are words and facts.

it all started with memories.
I love my memories. they are a big part of my life.
i love photography, for they allow me to capture life, as it is. capture my fav moments. my friends. everything  is my journey.

i dont know what lies beyond, i know im alive now, I shall do the best of it.

let it live. let moments live.

photography and writing are a huge part of my life. spiritual speaking along with love, and music. Im a family woman. I always was. soft and childish but rough as a boy.

im the one living in extremes. I was gifted to feel people, to comfort them and show them more of life. by that photography and writing , will always cover my life with joy, and I will always rejoice when loook at the photos I took with friends, family things and places.

I want to see the world. all of it. only the beautiful parts, but maybe the not so nice too... if God wants.

He made me a great surprise yesterday, at the end of the past year and the beginning of this new year. I didnt expected and didnt ask for that just for hope.

I made my wish for new year, few weeks ago, I wanted lots of hope..

I shall know who I am...and be ready to live this world at peace. rational understanding of all simple things in life...and normal cycle of life: as: born, living, and death.

I dont chase succes or money, I do chase love, God, happiness and peace.