Monday, January 20, 2014

A song, a mood.

Last night I was in a place called Janis, with my sister. I felt so insecure. I needed all the time in the world to heal, to move on, to stop hurting.... it was cool anyway. This song in particular yeah . just check it out, or you already know it ---- 3 doors down Here without you. It doesn't mean anything, it doesn't refer to anything, I like the vibe it gives me .

For all those who miss a part of their heart, like you have a gap, or its all scrambled in there, messed up, confused feelings, I hope you will find your own thing that will bring your missing part back.

A hundred days have made me older
Since the last time that I saw your pretty face.
A thousand lies have made me colder
And I don't think I can look at this the same.
All the miles that separate
Disappear now when I'm dreamin' of your face.

I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind.
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time.
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl, it's only you and me.

The miles just keep rollin'
As the people leave their way to say hello
I've heard this life is overrated
But I hope that it gets better as we go.