Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A lot from my mind

You' re never too old for something. Be it, a new passion, a new love , a new addiction...

I have to break free from all the stereotypes, from old patterns of thinking and embrace positive life. 

Never I can be hurt again the way I was in my youth when I was much younger. Just a girl looking for love

Today I am just a woman looking for her mate. It's a real jungle out there. 
I write for myself and myself alone. 
You may feel free to read as well but it is not intended to help you out in any situation. The facts are just my own real perspective and my own fragile reality. 
I always knew I like to experience life directly by living it and not really from someone else's angle.
People all have the right to live according to their own beliefs. 
That's a great thing today. 

We don't know how to use this freedom. 
It comes difficult to handle to most of us. 

But what if. ?? What if ? Our mistakes will lead us towards the right path. 
Our own destructive thoughts may serve as a pure honest heart searching for the truth. 

I had a simple childhood. That I enjoyed too much maybe. When I was 19 I was still playing outdoor silly childish games while others were maybe into some business or looking for a job , or getting married or anything else you can imagine. 

Why I was so afraid of growing up? But still I couldn't wait to be 25, and now I can't wait to be 30, actually I feel like 20, but I m scared of getting 30. Hmmm! Contrastant life! 
I feel I haven't done the right things. I feel I wasted most of my life 
Just because I spent to much time looking for love. And yes it's about love. 
Yesterday my sister told me I'm desperate. I admit I am

I've been into many relations with man and very involved with mostly of them. I cared for all of them
  I was a good friend and lover
But now I regret for some things I've done. 
Im afraid I'm losing my mate because he won't accept me just as broken as I am now. I'm afraid I will get into more confused and unhappy relationships. I'm afraid I will break all my dreams and I will fight for nothing. 
I'm afraid to love again. 
I'm afraid of man. They only tell lies
I don't believe any of the words they say. 

I feel I'm not worthed. I feel stupid and unlucky. 

God told me he has a plan but I can't wait. I don't know what else to be. But someone's lover.  I was made for romantic love. It was in me. Like a sees planted growing trees and flowers. 

Deep down I know many of this man I met will always remember me and I had an important play in their life. they needed me. 

They needed just in the right time. They needed someone to truly love them and give them hope for better. 
God knows all about it ! God is my witness and he will surely not forget about me. That my heart still loves and seeks him. !

It's just I need to - let all go - for a while. Till I get back together with myself. Till I find what makes me happy

Till I'm not afraid. 

I made a lot for others , god and you know it. You rewarded me already with more than I can ask but please just this hold me close to you no matter how far I drift from you. I will always know you are my god. 
You always allow me to experience raw and different lifestyle and you surely let me with love to find what makes me happy

I need your help and assure me that you will never take away hope from
My heart and you will never forsake me.  I love you god. 

I give it all to you all that I am all is yours. It's all in your hands for I don't have any power right now for anybody &anything. 

I feel so old but so brand new so young and eager to explore. 

It's a fire and a land. The air and the water. I'm a combination of all nature elements I'm half man half woman. Half child half adult. Half and even pieces of everything. 

My heart truly only found rest in you and you alone. But where You are now? I feel cold and insecure ! Won't you come near now,dear God?