Monday, February 11, 2013

Only if tonight

Dear God,

A new day has drawn into night,
It's wonderful,
How could I not be touched by every single cell created by You,

Have so many words inside,
But tonight is difficult to speak
Hear me as I write this,

Only if tonight
I could write you how I want to know you more,
and listen to You ,

Only if tonight,

I could stay outside and look how beautiful you dressed the night
I could even try to sing,
And raise my hands,
Begin to live

When all I want tonight is
To have You , next to me,
To know how much I would like to stay calm
To meditate

Is You ! That gives me a heart that doesnt give up
Is You! that tonight will let me feel your presence.

If there is one thing , to admit, one thing to build my life on
Is : YOu are here !   may this night my faith comes alive again,
I've been far lost and empty for too much time,
Forgive this child,

Let me follow YOu ! I cant promise anything, you already know

just come tonight , come as the rain,
and watch me how I long to stay closer and closer

Bring me again into light, for the days I had were colder than the ice,
for the dark shall not be known by this soul... I only want to keep for YOu.


                                                                                     forgive me once again,
                                                                             for not loving You