Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I - read, listen and grow

I find myself standing here
I need to keep reading...
Here is a something I find useful :I've been listening to right now : " as you spend your time at the computer, wandering around all kinds of stuff, ask yourself a question: if Jesus was standing by your side, which of the things you look at, read and watch , will approve ? the ones you think He won't , get rid of them". Zac Poonen.

"I wonder what your biggest temptaion is. It is to be suddenly angry ? that was mine when I was a little girl. I used to feel something like fire suddenly burning up in my heart. If you feel like that , ask the Lord Jesus, to pour His cool, kind, gentle love into your heart instead. Never go on being angry with anyone, be Jesus' little peacemaker". Amy-Carmichael-Selfless-Servant-of-India

The truth is : we have no excuse from not knowing, from delay important things like true connections of life. 

There are so many good things out there to discover to watch to listen . Become more patient as you walk in life. I speak to myself. 

I have experienced many days without path, without reasons , without being thankful for the life I have.  It happened, because I stopped fighting, I stopped praying and talking to God about everything like I used to.  As, when it comes to relationship each has to do his/her's part , otherwise it can't work.

I have so many thoughts, so many questions and that's good, it means something. 

Be careful what you listen to, and what you do with your time and decisions. Unless you live for wrong reasons.

Btw: He came. The prayer was answered. He did not delayed to appear. I dont' know how to be thankful, I can't prove anything, 
                   but what I am and what you already are, is enough.