Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I know who I am...

I know who I am, 
where I go
and Whom I'm working for.

Starting with this simple sentence I would bring up the following ideas:

- don't be afraid of what you are now, and what you will become
- don't look back only for good times, but also for the vital lessons
- don't live any moment of your life in regret
- don't forget to smile right now, then practice, it becomes natural( we all look better that way)
- dont' forget who you are, who you were, and set up the image of the things you want to develop, grow something better inside you, for the years to come
- lead don't follow, create don't copy, and if you follow, make the best decision and over-think, 
and if you copy also be careful what you choose.
-if there would be few things I would tell to my kid they were: 
                         -  think with your head first, then ask the heart
                         - the choices you make, you will have to deal with them
                        - of course the basic: don't lie, be honest, never stop fighting for your own beliefs ( sure, I'll have to agree with those)

- I might be tend to be unbalaced, more and more because of too manty distractions in my way ( my own way of life, living and thinking)
-do not delay, - anything, starting with the basic, morning/night routine, washing dishes, going out, calling someone, answering a mail...  It happened to me so many times, that I was too late, or not in the mood, or just other reasons for not doing whats right and what exact time is asking for.

- in life you are to go wide awake* hello dreamer* - Yes, you !-
 or else you miss out all the fun things, like : tought lessons, cool people, nice events, sweet afternoons, a good photo, meet someone special, hear something touching, see the beauty around you...( this brough up a song called: Snails - by The Format , and it goes like: snails see the benefits, the beauty in every inch).... and you might miss the calling, the purpose for your own life.

Even if you made really bad things lately ( like : not listening to God, not doing the right thing for your life, and future) dont' be too harsh on you, don't even blame yourself, or go into that self-pity, no need . Think about it, what brought you to become and act like you do now, or you did, few days ago.... you cannot change that circumstance, context, or the hard words used to hurt someone, and try to learn to focus not to do that. You dont have to be a circle, you dont have to replay the scene, because you think before say, or react. 

O well, I'll continue some other time. I just needed to right these down.'good night.( btw, Im not even close to the main point of the title)