Thursday, January 24, 2013

their letter to God

Spending my last summer :
Stefan's very passionate about people, little animals, and small things make him happy.
Most of his drawings are represented simple and meaningful. He loves to bulid up things, and has a curiosity for everything, for life, for faith and he knows God. Only 9 .
Sofia, hmm how I miss her..even if she's only 5 she knows a lot of things about what's going on around her.I saw her doing pre-school homework, she loves school, very focused, sensitive, perceptive, playful, and she once said:" when I grow up I want to be a rock star." Her drawing shows very well what was on her heart few months ago.
Tara is their neighbour, she's 10, very artistic and girly she inspired me with a lot of new designs, while working outside. I had the chance to spend a lot of time with these kids, and to understand better how things work out for them. I tried to teach them important things like honesty, good heart, sharing, and true meaning of the prayer.