Wednesday, March 30, 2011

italian spring lifestyle report

Here you'll see the things I like to have, to eat, and to do, since in Italy. I found myself into a description that says : no more things. I have to be focus on people and not stuff. I kinda have this new motto: I like to see beautiful stuff, but not to have them. We should give our precious time to people, not to built up our ego. I dont see it as a very bad thing, but its not a vital activity. People mean much more than things. I do hope these are going to be my last ones, for a long time. And many bikes ( as something specific for this place ). Just to bring a smile on your face, some little "secrets" about italians : they are crazy for food : pasta, pizza, ice-cream, coffee, spaggetti specialities, fish ; they love to talk, to know everything about you, even the smallest things; they drive like crazy on these tiny streets; they are crazy for shopping with so many brand boutigues, mercatino, vintage stores, you can spend hours just wondering from one place to another,and the good part is : you'll find items that suits your tastes perfectly. They love carnival, masks, and all this kind of events. They work a lot and have a very strict eating schedule....generally very friendly happy attitude. Mi piace qui.