Monday, December 20, 2010

a long story

Hello, friends ! I'm so sorry for not keeping you update. Last two weeks were a total mess, in a way to describe the frenzy days I had since this common cold, which doesn't seem to get bored of me..or the last preparations, shopping for going back home.
For the same two weeks, here in California, in Thosand Oaks, is still raining ( thing I don't really like... rain is beautiful, refresing for every living creature, but for so many days it can be not so pleasant ).. let's skip the weather.. :) God has a reason for everything. What else I've been doing: ocean, walk to Stefan's school before Christmas break, packing my stuff, a birthday party at Jolly Jumps, last Saturnday, and many more.
So I'm gonna share with you in next images, my past fourteen days.
To add a little salt over the salad : I didn't arrived home yet.

P.S : the second time, my flight was canceled, because of the snow in Europe. I'll try again tomorrow with a diffrent route and company.
My family is waiting for me, but the safety has priority. So for all those in the same situation : no matter where you are, just be thankful for the life you have. Life itself is above all things, possesions, even multiple delayed flights.
There is a Creator who knows them all better than we do.