Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2008 urban collection

Second semester, first year at college we had this city urban theme for the final exam. I thought it might be a good ideea to post this. It's a simple way to evaluate myself and find my progress over years. I don't remeber more detalies of this theme, I know we had to do some research in the city ( Cluj-Napoca), to obeserve the attitude, the trends, what people wear, which color mainstream, on certain categories, then inside the outlets, which are the most prefered itemes, why..and the research go on and on. Also very helpful for every fashion designer, the highest magazine in field, like Vogue, Style, Harper's Bazaar, JCreport and few more.
I started collecting in-theme elements, pictures, editorials, and mix them together for getting the athmosphere, the moodboards. The sketches were colored with brushes in Photoshop.